Andros Townsend’s Amazing Hair Transplant

In addition to discussing Andrews Townsend’s fut hair transplant and transformation, I will also discuss his hair loss. He began to experience it as early as his late teens. Furthermore, I will discuss his SMP scalp micro pigmentation prior to his hair transplantation and other exciting things. Let’s get started.

Andros Townsend hair transplants

Andros Townsend’s Hair Loss

Townsend‘s hair loss: His temples started to recede, and his corners were also on their way to disappearing, so he started to form a male pattern baldness pattern. This would be a great time for him to begin managing his hair loss and look for alternatives. What can I do to prevent my hair loss? Naturally, this was prohibited. If you want to keep your hair, you should do so. He could have also shaved his head and anything else, but if he wanted to keep his hair, the best way is to start managing it as soon as possible. It wasn’t until he was twenty-one that he didn’t do it, as you will notice now. His hair loss worsened over the next three to five years, as you can see here. Harris is going here. He was in his mid-twenties during this match in 2015, between England and Italy. As you can see, his corners are receding even further here, he is almost certainly not on drugs in late 2016 or early 2017.

Andros Townsend hair transplant before after

Andros Townsend’s Hair Transplant

Did he get SMP before his hair transplant so that he could make his transplant look more tense and substantial? This is why he got fut after the hair transplant. There’s a strip scar at the sides of his donor region that you can see here. I believe he got 2500 grafts at the least. His temples, corners, and frontal line have been altered. He went with fut because, if you employ Fs and begin harvesting grafts after grafts from an F’s donor region, the graft acceptance rate is higher than that of a Caucasian with straight hair. Therefore, doctors especially recommend this procedure for patients who require a lot of them. In his case, it was 3000 grafts.

Andros Townsend hairline

Andros Townsend Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP)

Andros Townsend had scalp micro pigmentation (SMP) before his hair transplant surgery, according to reports. During SMP, the practitioner tattoos small dots on the scalp to mimic the look of hair follicles. Scar concealment and visual thickening of thinned areas occur when SMP is applied properly. Although these treatments do not regrow follicles, they can mimic a full head of hair. Townsend’s SMP symptoms are visible on his forehead. His previously receding ‘M’ shape hairline has been replaced with a straighter one that makes him appear years younger:

Andros Townsend hair


In all, I believe that he made an excellent choice to use fut. It will look pretty good already, so reducing the transaction cost is a big plus. He has African-American hair, so he can still get plenty of hairstyles in that manner. The scar has been positioned relatively high, allowing him to fade or shave his size and the back as well. He still has a lot of donor area to use for his next hair transplant, since he will likely need it. He should be on medication by now, so he should be on Norwood 5 by now. Maybe one or two transplants in the near future. His doctor did a wonderful job with his hair transplant, and he also educated him on the hair loss medication side of hair loss management and care. That’s why he’s already using Propecia or Minoxidil to treat his hair loss.

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