Conor McGregor’s balding and His Hair Transplant

Conor McGregor’s Hair Loss

We’re going to discuss whether or not Conor McGregor is taking steroids and whether the steroids have caused his hair loss.  
According to bob, Conor McGregor has been taking steroids in MMA, everyone has accused everyone of taking steroids, and Conor’s thinning crown and a few pimples on his stomach have been circulating, and people believe these signs indicate steroid use.  

Let’s dispel a well-known myth. Steroids don’t cause hair loss. Those who disagree don’t realize what they’re talking about. Male pattern baldness may be accelerated by steroids, but that’s not the reason for it. You must have the male pattern baldness gene to suffer hair loss as a result of steroid use. Therefore, a coup may have a strong case. 

He has been losing hair for over a decade, and he’s been thinning in his crown since the Habib fight. It was not obvious, but if you look at a recent photo of him wet, you can clearly see that his crown has thinned over the years. Since five years ago, it has been common to see some additional thinning, but it’s not uncommon to see someone in their mid-30s with a thinning crown or hair loss. Just because you are muscular and have hair loss does not mean you are taking steroids. It may be a common side effect, but acne is not always a sign of steroid use.

Conor McGregor’s hair transplant

Conor McGregor's Hair transplant

Now, let’s discuss Conor McGregor’s hair transplant. And let’s discuss his modification since his operation three and a half months ago. Before I share more information with you about his hair restoration, let me tell you a little more about it. What type of surgery was it? What were his new hairline and temples like? Is his hair loss progressing as a result of his surgery? To find out more about his hair loss history, let me tell you a bit more about it. He was around 23 or 24 when he initially began losing his hair. You may see that there has been a standard androgenic alopecia progression on the corners of his hair. It is identical to the condition of Khabib Nurmagomedov, who is growing increasingly bald as time passes. As you get older, your hairline begins to move up, and that’s what happened to Conor first. The corners of his hair began to recede, and then we noticed that his hairline moved up a little bit more. That’s what happened to him when he first started losing his hair. The corners of his hair began to recede, and then we noticed that his hairline moved up a little bit more.

Conor McGregor's Hair transplant

Some photographs show that the hairline receded unevenly on his forehead, so it appears to be a lot thicker in some shots and thinnest in other photos. We can see right here that it is an excellent time to start thinking about treatment or even already be on it. You should always start with the big three, like minoxidil with micro-needling and ketoconazole shampoo, because they are the most proven and have the most science and randomized placebo-controlled trials behind them, which are the highest quality trials to determine whether a treatment is effective or not and whether a drug is effective or not. This is the most backup in terms of studies for these treatments, so you should start with them and try to slow down your hair loss, manage it, and thicken the hair you have. In the future, there is a chance that your existing hair will thin, so you must take care of it.

Conor McGregor's Hair transplant

Last November, he posts a picture on Instagram. We can see some interesting details in his hairline that indicates a hair transplant in his hairline. His hairline has been lowered, and it appears more straight and even his temples look better framed. This photo in particular shows us that his frontal third appears full of scabs as if his hair was shaved only a couple of days before taking this picture. It’s usually a sign of surgical hair restoration when you need to shave your head, but it doesn’t always have to be the case.

Conor McGregor's Hair transplant

His Hair Transplant Procedure

The surgeon creates a hairline using a laser on the patient’s forehead. This procedure takes around 15 minutes. The surgeon then burns a line into the patient’s scalp where the new hair follicle will be placed. it looks like the surgeon lowered his forehead, comparing it to a few days ago. After examining these photos, I am even more convinced that he underwent surgery in late 2021. We see some thin and wispy-looking hairs about one inch in front of his original hairline. These hairs are uncommonly thin and wispy, and that’s why this is another sign of a hair transplant. In a transplant, some hairs don’t fall out 100%, so that’s why this is another sign of a transplant. Normally the hairs on the hairline are placed in higher densities when they are transplanted, and that’s why some hair will remain.

Conor McGregor's Hair transplant

Which methods are used in Conor McGregor’s Hair Transplant?

There are two ways for hair to look natural: grafts of 45 grafts per square centimeter or higher have a higher chance of survival, which will lead to a lower see-through effect. The hairline would look as if it had been transplanted onto the food in real life, but there would be some see-through effect. It is impossible to remove all see-through effects after hair restoration since the density is never as high as normal hair density. The density is never as high after hair restoration as it is before you start losing hair. This indicates that he received a hair transplant in February 2022, and there is no linear scar, a sign of a fue follicle unit strip surgery, nor from this angle right. It is difficult to estimate the number of grafts he had, but he probably got around 2,000 grafts plus-minus. Conor McGregor should pay attention to one thing: he needs to focus on the creation of a natural hairline.

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