Don Lemon Hair Transplant – What You Need to Know

Don Lemon is one of the most recognizable faces on television. The CNN anchor has been working as a journalist for more than two decades, and his interviews with an array of people from different backgrounds have made him a household name. However, there’s something that makes Don stand out even further: his hair. Yes, that’s right. Don’s hairstyle is one of the first things we see when he appears on our TVs – and it’s not just because he often sits in front of bright lights! Lemon has had a receding hairline since his early 20s, which led him to get a hair transplant when he was in his 40s. Here are some important things you should know about this celebrity haircut…

Have is Don Lemon ever been get a hair transplant?

While we can’t be certain if Don Lemon has ever gotten a hair transplant, we do know that he had a hair transplant procedure when he was in his 40s. Why? Well, as we’ll explain in the next section, it had a lot to do with his receding hairline. At the time, CNN asked him if he would comment on the rumors of a hair transplant, and he responded, “You know, I haven’t really talked about it. But I don’t have anything to hide. So, yes, I have had two hair transplants. But I’ve been upfront about it, I’ve talked about it.”

Why Don Lemon Decided to Get a Hair Transplant

As mentioned above, Don’s receding hairline has been a part of his look since his early 20s. But why did he decide to get a hair transplant at such a relatively young age? He told Variety that he was “not vain, but it was bothering me. I’ve worked in television for 25 years, and I’m on the air for two hours a night. I don’t have time to fool around with my hair.” Plus, he added that he “didn’t want to get a comb-over,” which is a procedure that many men choose when they’re looking to hide or slow the rate of hair loss.

Can You Spot Don Lemon’s Hair Transplant?

As you can probably tell by now, Don Lemon’s hair transplant was largely focused on his hairline. It was a surgery that placed new hair follicles in the areas that needed it most, which helped to hide the bald patches that Don had been experiencing for years. While the surgery couldn’t make Don’s hair turn back the clock, it did help to restore some of his hairline, especially in the front. Don’s transplant was not a full one, and it was focused on the areas of his head that were affected by male pattern baldness.

Did Don Lemon to success hair transplant?

Don Lemon didn’t just jump into a hair transplant because he wanted a new ‘do! Instead, this was a very serious decision that led to a professional boost for the journalist. As mentioned above, Don got his hair transplant when he was in his 40s. After the surgery, he said that he “had more energy, more confidence, [and] I got more hugs.” He added that “People came up to me and said I looked younger.”

Things To Know Before Getting a Hair Transplant

Before you decide to go under the knife, keep in mind that a hair transplant isn’t a quick and easy fix. In fact, the procedure has many risks and is a lengthy process that requires patience on the part of the patient. Before you jump into a hair transplant, make sure that you understand the risks that come along with the procedure. The most obvious risk is the surgery itself – which can cause serious complications, including infection and bleeding. If you’re interested in plugging your hair loss, keep in mind that there are a few different methods of transplantation that your doctor may recommend.

Final Thoughts

From interviews to intense on-air debates, Don Lemon has been at the forefront of American journalism for years. And while he’s a serious journalist, many people are familiar with his on-camera persona thanks to his unique hairstyle. Don’t let the bright lights fool you: there is a reason that Don has his hair the way that he does. It’s because he got a hair transplant many years ago, and it helped him to completely change his look. Now that you know what’s behind Don Lemon’s hair, we hope that you have a new appreciation for the way he styles it!

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