Hair Transplant Cost in Turkey 2023

A man has revealed how he spent £2,500 on a hair transplant in Turkey, which changed his life, after getting a ‘Mohican’ hair transplant to combat his balding.


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Hair transplants are the most common treatment for hair loss. Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure that restores the appearance of your hair by removing the thinning or balding areas of your scalp and replacing them with a new healthy hairline. The transplanted hairline is usually transplanted into the areas of your scalp where you have lost hair. If you are considering having a hair transplant, it is important to understand how much it will cost.

He spent £2,500 on a hair transplant in Turkey

The price of a hair transplant depends on many factors such as:

-The location of the donor area on your head (top, sides, or back)

-The amount of hair you want to replace (smaller grafts can be less expensive than larger ones)

-How many grafts you would like to have (if more than one)

I’m sure you’ve been hearing about hair transplants for a while, but do you know what they are?

A hair transplant is a process by which we transplant hair follicles from one part of your head to another. The procedure is performed on both men and women, and it can be used for any type of hair loss. It’s especially good for people with genetic hair loss, who want to regrow their lost hair.

The cost of getting a hair transplant depends on the location, the doctor you choose, and the number of follicles (or “points”) that are transplanted. Prices vary widely depending on where you live in Turkey and how many follicles will be transplanted.

For example: If your doctor performs a single hair transplant at his office in Izmir, that price will be $3,000 USD. If he performs multiple procedures at several different locations around Turkey—like Istanbul—he could charge up to $12,000 USD per procedure!

If you are planning to get a hair transplant abroad, Turkey is one of the best places to go. This country has developed hair transplant clinics that are accredited by the government. They have highly trained doctors and affordable prices. You can save around 30-40% on hair transplant costs in Turkey. You can also take advantage of a package deal offered by Turkish clinics. These packages usually include interpreter services, hotel accommodations, and transportation to the clinic.

Hair Transplant clinics in Turkey are audited by the government

Whether you’re in Turkey for a hair transplant or a cosmetic procedure, you’ll want to be sure the clinic you choose is properly accredited by the government. These audits are done by the Turkish Ministry of Health, and they are meant to ensure the quality of service you’ll receive. Accreditation is helpful for many reasons, including determining whether the clinic’s operations are legally sound. It can also ensure that the company is inspected regularly.

While hair transplants in Turkey are widely regarded as safe, it’s important to make sure you choose a clinic with an A-License. Not all clinics are certified by the government, and many aren’t audited at all. This is the best way to ensure you get the highest quality of service.

Turkey is also a popular destination for medical tourism. In 2015, there were more than 100,000 hair transplant tourists visiting Turkey. That’s close to 200 tourists every day. Most of these visitors are foreigners seeking to reverse hereditary hair loss. While a hair transplant in the UK can cost as much as $5,000, hair transplants in Turkey are much cheaper. Depending on how many grafts you need, you can expect to spend as little as $800.

They are highly developed

Turkey has one of the most advanced hair transplant facilities in the world. However, the procedure is not for everyone. You need to be in good health, have a suitable donor area, and have minimal medical conditions. The cost of the procedure increases with the cost of imported materials. It is advisable to get it done only if you are sure that you will be satisfied with the results.

Turkey has over 35 JCI-accredited hair transplant clinics, all with top-class facilities and highly trained hair transplant surgeons. Because Turkey’s cost of living is very low, the cost of hair transplants in Turkey is reasonable. There is also a lot of competition among the clinics, lowering the cost of cosmetic surgery. HayatMed Clinic Turkey is one such clinic that boasts highly qualified Plastic Surgeons and advanced technologies.

Turkey’s high standard of healthcare has helped it become a popular destination for hair transplant surgery. The country’s growing medical tourism industry contributes around $4bn to the country’s economy each year. This attracts patients from all over the world who wish to undergo hair transplant surgery. The quality of care and reasonable prices are the key factors that make Turkey an ideal destination for this procedure.

They offer affordable treatments

The cost of a hair transplant in Turkey is affordable and highly customizable, with all-inclusive packages offering everything from surgery to medication and personal hosts to post-operative follow-ups. The cost depends on the procedure performed, the number of grafts needed, and the desired outcome. A basic FUE procedure can cost as little as $1000, but more advanced treatments can run up to $8000.

Turkey’s average cost for a hair transplant is about $2,100. This is about half the price in the United States and Mexico. In addition, you can save up to 40 percent by booking a package that includes transportation, accommodation, interpreter services, and more. Some premium packages also include spa treatments, shopping tours, and private drivers.

Turkey’s high-quality medical infrastructure makes it an attractive destination for hair transplant procedures. The number of clinics in the country is large, and most of them have been in operation for several decades. The facilities and technology at these facilities allow them to provide excellent hair restoration results at affordable prices. Turkey’s low cost of living makes it a good choice for patients from around the world.

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