Joe Rogan with Hair and His Failure Hair Transplant

Joe Rogan’s Hair Loss

Joe Rogan is a famous stand-up comedian and actor. He started losing his hair from an early age, which he learned to camouflage with a combover.

By the time of 23 years old, we can see that his hairline recession has already started. The left side has receded more than the right side, causing him to wear a combover on the left side only. He also learned how to hide his receding corners with product and hair gel.

By 27 years old, Rogan‘s hair loss has become more noticeable. We can now see that his hairline recession is irregular, with less receding on one side and more on the other.

Joe Rogan With Hair

Joe Rogan has become one of the most popular faces in the UFC with his bald head and overwhelming reactions. However, the UFC color commentator was not always hairless.

Here's a look at Joe Rogan with hair from his early days in the UFC:

Joe Rogan was the host of Fear Factor before making his UFC commentary debut at UFC 37.5.

Rogan was still doing independent comedy gigs when UFC president Dana White convinced him to take up commentating. Rogan became friends with White after he received free tickets to fights. The promotion was still in its early days when Joe Rogan landed his gig with the UFC.

Rogan also recently revealed that he did the first 15 UFC shows for free. Speaking of the pre-2005 era, Joe Rogan recently said during an episode of the Joe Rogan Experience: "I just loved fighting so much."

Joe Rogan’s Hair Transplant

Joe Rogan hair transplant

In his words, Joe Rogan’s hair transplantation history is a little bit different than most people’s.

“I had my first hair transplant when I was 26,” he says in an interview with Mike Cernovich. “I had maybe two or three minor ones, which isn’t bad at all. But then I went to get my third one and they did a major one and it didn’t work out so well.”

Even though Rogan had three hair transplants done in his 20s, it seems that his hairline just kept on receding even after all of them. And though he’s had plenty of experience with the process over the years—and has even been featured in several videos about it—he still hasn’t gotten things quite right yet.

“My hairline never recovered from the third one,” he admits. “It kept getting worse every time I saw a doctor.”

Joe Rogan had his first hair transplant in 1999, and now he’s ready to share the results with you.

In this video, Joe shares some of his experience with the procedure, including how it went and what he learned from it.

We can see that the scar on the back of his head is pretty long—that’s why we don’t expect it was just a little procedure! Scars of similar length can easily yield from 2500-3000 hair follicles as was the case with Machine Gun Kelly.

Such a high number of follicles would be very hard to overlook in the transplanted area unless the follicles didn’t grow back!!!

After Joe decided to buzz his hair short and own the shaved head look, we could almost count every single wispy hair on his scalp. It’s quite odd when his scar suggests at least 2500 hair follicles transplanted…

If the hair on top is the transplanted hair only, it had been transplanted in a very low density initially. Although it is also quite usual that not 100% of the transplanted hair grows back, it always should be at 90% and higher. Unfortunately in Joe’s case, it seems like less than 10% of the transplanted

Bonus: If Joe Rogan’s Hair Transplant is successful?

Bonus: If Joe Rogan's Hair Transplant is successful?
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Joe Rogan With Hair
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Joe Rogan’s hair transplant was a failure.

The reason for this is that his hair didn’t grow back as expected, and he wasn’t taking anti-hair loss treatments.

When you look at it from this perspective, it doesn’t seem so crazy that Joe Rogan’s hair transplants failed.

Joe Rogan was destined to become an NW6 – NW7 on the Hamilton-Norwood scale. In such cases, even hair transplants come short. Trying to pursue another hair transplant in his case would have been twice as hard because he already had his donor area depleted once with the first FUT. 

And no matter if the hair transplant turns out successful or not in the end, once the hair has been extracted from the donor area it can be damaged by anabolic steroids or other drugs used by athletes or bodybuilders (Testosterone).

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