Rob Holding Hair Transplant And Here’s What We Know About It

Social media has been buzzing this week with the news that Rob Holding has undergone a hair transplant. Many of you will have noticed his new bald look and wondered what was going on. We have spoken to an expert about what we know so far and what the future may hold for the Arsenal defender. Reducing stress, eating well, and getting enough sleep are all important when trying to maintain a healthy head of hair. But as with everything in life, genetics also plays an important role in how much hair you lose as you get older. So when a young man starts losing more than usual, there’s probably another explanation for it. In case you missed it or need a recap, here are the details about Rob Holding’s new hairstyle

Rob Holding’s new hairstyle

Rob Holding’s new hairstyle

Who is Rob Holding?

Rob Holding is a 22-year-old English footballer who plays for Arsenal and the English national team. He has been a key member of the Arsenal squad since his £2 million transfer from Bolton Wanderers in 2017. Holding played youth football for Football League clubs Bradford City, Hull City, and Bolton Wanderers, before making his senior debut for Bolton in 2014. He joined Arsenal in 2017 and made his debut in the Premier League, earning praise for his performances in his first season with the club. Holding has also represented England at various levels, including under-20, under-21, and under-23 levels. He was part of England’s squad that won the 2017 FIFA U-20 World Cup. He was also named to the Team of the Tournament.

Why has Rob Holding had a hair transplant?

Why has Rob Holding had a hair transplant?

Rob Holding mentioned in an interview that the decision to have a hair transplant was an instinctive one. He had been losing his hair for a few years and decided he wanted to do something about it before it got worse. Holding decided to have a hair transplant because he wanted to stop his hair loss and also have thicker hair. A hair transplant can be a good option for someone who is losing their hair but it’s important to understand what the procedure involves before making that decision. Holding had a Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) procedure. FUE is the most commonly performed hair transplant procedure. The procedure involves removing hair follicles from the back of the scalp and then re-implanting them in the hairless areas. The difference between FUE and FUT is that FUE uses a single, small punch to extract each follicle as opposed to a larger, wider incision in FUT.

Hair Transplant Procedure: What Is Involved?

The first step in Rob Holding’s hair transplant was for him to shave his head completely. This was so that the surgeons could accurately see where he was losing his hair. Holding’s hair loss was likely caused by a combination of genetics and the fact that he had played football since he was a child. Once the surgeons had mapped where he was losing his hair and identified the best places to take follicles from, they then made a small incision in the back of his head. They followed the hairline around so that it was natural when the hair grew back. Holding’s surgeons then used a device that looked like a small hair clipper to carefully cut out the follicles and remove them from the scalp. They then used a small needle to make small incisions under each hair follicle so they could extract them. Holding’s surgeons then used a small microscope to carefully place the follicles into the bald areas. Depending on how much hair he was trying to re-introduce, this could take anywhere between two and six hours.

rob holding balding

The costs of a hair transplant

The costs of a hair transplant depend on several factors, including where you have the procedure done and how many follicles you implant. Rob Holding had his hair transplant procedure in London and was quoted a price of £7,500. Holding’s hair transplant is likely to last him at least 10 years. He could have tried using a variety of different hair loss treatments to stop his hair from falling out but nothing is guaranteed to work for everyone. The FUE hair transplant procedure is much less invasive than the FUT procedure which was popular 10–15 years ago. FUE is more commonly used now because it’s less painful and has less risk of scarring.

The Pros and Cons of Rob Holding’s Hair Transplant

rob holding hair transplant

The main advantage of Rob Holding’s hair transplant is that it will help him maintain a full head of hair as he gets older. Without any treatment, he would have likely continued to lose his hair until he was completely bald. Holding’s hair transplant will also be relatively easy to maintain. He will have to have his hair cut regularly, but he will likely be able to continue playing football without covering the scars with a hat or bandana. Holding’s hair transplant has a few disadvantages as well. Firstly, he will have to have his hair regularly trimmed so that it doesn’t look unnatural. Secondly, he will probably have to wait at least a year before he can play football again.

Rob Holding’s Hair Before & After

rob holding before after
rob holding new hair


Celebrity hair transplant is a popular topic in the world of sport. Many famous players have had hair transplants, including some famous soccer players.

David Beckham, one of the most well-known soccer players in the world, has had a hair transplant. Other players who have undergone a hair transplant include Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Wayne Rooney.

Overall, Rob Holding’s hair transplant is likely to be a good decision. He has been losing his hair for a few years and has decided to take action before it becomes unmanageable. A hair transplant procedure requires some patience and money but the results are worth it. Holding should be able to continue playing football without covering his head and having the scars show. People who are considering having a hair transplant should be aware that it can take some time to heal and will be best done after a break from football.

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